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Arms, Legs, Gauntlets, Pauldrons (Shoulder Plates), are available.

The Armor

E.G.G. Armor is owned and operated by Everard of Glen Gower, known in the real world as Philip Wilkerson. Everard specializes in S.C.A. style armor created entirely of Kydex plastic. Kydex offers several advantages over similarly created metal armor. First, it provides protection equal to or greater than metal while having the unique property of spreading the impact over its entire surface, thus reducing the "sting" of a direct impact. Second, it is much lighter than metal. For those who simply want to lighten their armor to provide a needed increase in speed, Kydex is the way to go.

The Construction

Each piece of armor is personally hand crafted by Everard to exacting standards. The Kydex used is NOT the stuff you may have seen cut from a barrel. Each piece of armor is produced from a commercial sheet of 1/8" or 3/16" Kydex plastic.

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